After School Program Daily Routine

After School Program Daily Routine

Our after school program daily routine is designed to get your child moving around, and burn off energy, while learning valuable self defense and life skills.

After School Program

Our after school program keeps your child moving!

Before School

Drop-off starts at 6:30am – you do not need to drop your child off this early, but if you need to we’ll be there! Feel free to drop your kids with us any time between 6:30am and 20 min prior to school. The Dominion Bus will leave the facility 20 minutes prior to school’s start each morning.

While your child waits for the day to start, they are welcome to nap in the Kid’s Lounge, or finish up homework or read a book in the study room. Children are also welcome to bring breakfast or snacks.

The Dominion Bus will drop kids directly at their school according to their morning bell schedule.

After School

The Dominion Bus will pick your child up directly from their school and bring them back to the gym.

Children will have free play and snack time after arriving at the facility. Free play first thing helps your child to relax and unwind from a long day of learning. They do not need to go directly from one learning environment to another. They need to let loose and run around a bit first!

Once all students have arrived our daily BJJ lesson will begin. BJJ lessons are 45-60 minutes long.

Quiet Time follows BJJ lesson during which children are encouraged do their homework. If your child does not have any homework they will be asked to read a book or color quietly.

Students will end the day in the Kid’s Lounge while they await pick-up. The Kid’s Lounge is full of board games, video games, movies, toys, etc. Everything you can think of to keep your child entertained while they wait to be picked up.

Latest pick-up is 6:30pm. You may pick your child up at anytime but the latest is 6:30pm.


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