Dominion Barbell: The Basics

Conditioning Equipment

Our collection of conditioning equipment is quite different from what you will find at a typical gym. This is because it is our belief that we should offer nothing less than the most effective equipment available. And most of the equipment we offer won’t be found at any other gym in the area. Why is that? In a phrase – because this equipment is extremely effective! And an effective workout isn’t an easy workout. You can’t read a magazine and sip your Chai latte on these machines, so most gyms just don’t offer them. They would rather you pedal slowly and endlessly on a recumbent bike, glide meaninglessly on an elliptical, or plod lazily on a treadmill while daydreaming of the results you will never achieve.

Concept2 Model C Rowers

  • One of the few conditioning machines that offers a total body workout – effectively working the legs, core, and upperbody
  • Provides a devastatingly effective conditioning workout with little impact on the joints
  • Because it uses so many muscle groups if offers one of the most effect calorie burning workout
  • Because you work through such a great range of motion, this machine is great for joint health and flexibility

Schwinn Airdyne

  • Effectively works the upper and lower body
  • Provides a killer conditioning workout with little impact
  • The Airdyne has recently become popular with mixed martial arts athletes, but is equally effective for everyone

EliteFTS Econo-Prowlers

The Prowler is one of the best training aids we have ever seen. As a matter of fact, when Jim and I first saw one during a product
review trip, we both placed an order for one THAT DAY. All it took for us was seeing it, and it was a done deal. The Prowler can
change your training forever. The Prowler is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms. The Prowler
can be used in team situations and competitions, and it can make for a great atmosphere.
-Dave Tate

EliteFTS Dragging Sleds

Sandbags 25lbs to 200lbs

Medicine Balls

Tornado Balls


Strongman Tires


Farmers Walk handles

Slosh Pipe

Battle Rope

Atlas Stones – coming soon!


Freemotion Functional Trainer

Plate Loaded Equipment

Hammer Strength Leg Curl
Hammer Strength Row

Freeweight Equipment

Westside R-3 Power Racks

  • The Power Rack is a true staple of any strength training program – if your gym doesn’t have one then you probably shouldn’t be training there.
  • The Rogue R-3 Rack was designed in conjunction with the Legendary Louie Simmons of West Side Barbell
  • The R-3 is constructed of 11 gauge steel, this is a bombproof rack that can be used for anything from squats and pin pulls to bench presses and pull ups.
  • uses the West Side Hole Pattern – 1” through bench and clean pull zone then 2” spacing above and below.
  • Made in America by Rogue Fitness

Rogue Flat Bench
Nautilus 0 – 90 Adjustable Bench

over 500lbs of Bumper Plates

Olympic Lift/Deadlift Platforms

Hydraulic Squat Rack

Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Power Bar
Rippetoe Bar
Stronman Axle
Mastadon 65lb Squat Bar
8″ Strongman Log
12″ Strongman Log
Standard Olympic Bars
Straight Curl Bar
EZ curl Bars

1″ Circus Dumbell Handle
2″ Circus Dumbell Handle
3″ Circus Dumbell Handle

Dumbbells 0 – 100lbs


Spud Straps
Spud Weighted Dip Belt
Powerlifting Chains
Westside Weight Releasers
Elitefts Jump Stretch Bands
1 – 5 Bench Boards
EliteFTS Blast Straps
Squat Box


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