Michelle Welti cleans house at Atlanta Open!
November 11, 2016
We’ve moved in!!
February 6, 2017

So…. The cat’s out of the bag! For those of you that didn’t make it out to open mat today, the big announcement is:


That’s right, our current lease has come to an end at our Croatia Way location, and we were given the decision to either: keep our current location, and sign a long term lease, which would lock us into the space for another 5 years, or to find a new location. It made more sense to cut ties with this old building, so we found a brand spanking new space right down the road that is a perfect fit for us!

The new Building is located just off of Wellington Rd, right next to Merrifield Garden Center. It’s closer to I66, and just a few minutes from Croatia Way. We have some pretty cool plans to make this new school a modern, state of the art facility. The official opening date will be JANUARY 1st.

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