Michelle Welti World Champion
Michelle Welti wins gold at IBJJF World Master in Las Vegas!!!
August 31, 2017
Lucas Lepri Seminar black belts
Big Brothers Lucas Lepri Seminar
November 12, 2017


Cosmic Rolling, Sept 29th

Cosmic Rolling, Sept 29th

BIGGEST COSMIC ROLLING EVENT YET!!! Last night we had about 50 people on the mat, from all over Northern Virginia and Maryland!! Thanks to everyone for coming out, we had a great time, and hope you did too!

Cosmic Rolling, Sept 29th

Cosmic, Sept 29th

What is Cosmic Rolling, you might ask? Check out the description from Facebook:

Lets turn the lights out, the music up, and the blacklights on for some Cosmic Rolling! Come join us at Dominion BJJ for our version of BJJ nightlife. Everyone is invited, regardless of affiliation. Invite your friends.

Keep in mind, this isn’t competition training for the Mundials. This is a fairly casual time, so please leave the ego at the door. Make some new friends, get in some good training, and most importantly, have fun!!

Please reserve your spot online, even if you have attended in the past. Cosmic is growing and mat space is limited! Please reserve your spot in advance by registering at: https://dominionbjj.com/schedule/ (click on cosmic rolling and sign the waiver!)
The event is FREE.

More info about Cosmic here.


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